Stop That Sniggering

OK, confession time…. I suck at craft! I know that’s hard to believe as I’m always posting about amazing crafts to do with the kids. But, have you every noticed I very rarely show you pictures of my attempts? The problem is I love looking at people’s crafting output in the same way other people fawn over Rightmove. I can picture myself completing the said craft and feeling that immense satisfaction as my children look at me in awe.

In reality our crafting attempts generally start with me realising I don’t have modelling clay, double sided sticky tape, googly eyes or any of the other “What you will need” items listed. This is shortly followed by a motivational “it’s ok kids with can improvise”, which of course means bodge it. Our output rarely looks like it should, or even stay as one structure for longer than 30 seconds but who cares? The kids don’t that’s for sure. They just love making stuff and when the finished masterpiece is unveiled we have a great time watching Craig guess what it is!

The point is, craft has become too complicated, too intimidating, too…. well bloody hard! We’ve forgotten it’s just about kids using their imagination and learning how to use scissors, and tape, and that you should never touch cotton wool with glue on your fingers….. that’s a real life lesson!

So here is it. This is our attempt at a fairy garden, complete with waterfall, lillypads, owl and dead flowers.

2 responses to “Stop That Sniggering

  1. You’re absolutely right, it’s all about the kids enjoying and discovering things, so as long as you’re giving it a whirl, that’s great. Our craft projects can be very hit & miss, but my daughter loves every single one of them anyway. I like your fairy garden, too – be proud!!

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